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 About Us  

Masthead was launched on 10 June 2004 and began operating on 1 October of that year. Old Mutual is currently the majority shareholder. Member brokers own 25% of Masthead through the Masthead Financial Advisors Association. With currently more than 2 500 members, Masthead is the largest broker network in South Africa.

Masthead believes a strong independent broker community is essential for the health of the financial services industry in South Africa. Despite the difficult environment in the South African market currently, Masthead believes there is a healthy future for independent brokers. Masthead’s mission is to help independent brokers remain in business and provide the support to help them grow their businesses.

Masthead members receive services including business development and advice on compliance issues. Masthead has regional offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, plus satellite operations in outlying areas.

Our popular Professional Development Days and accompanying Trade Fair also provide ample opportunity to our members to network with fellow brokers and our Product Partners, as well as raise their concerns and celebrate their successes.

Masthead EXCO

Ian Middleton  - Managing Director 

 Laurence Muller - Head of Finance


Mimi Pienaar - Head of Business Development


Nicky Nairn - Head of Compliance

Masthead Financial Advisors Association Board

The Masthead Financial Advisors Association is a voluntary association established in order to create a forum for members to discuss and address issues and developments affecting them as independent brokers in the financial services industry. In addition, members of the Association receive a range of support services delivered through Masthead Distribution Services. This Association is run by a Board consisting of seven members with six of the board members elected from the ranks of broker members. The seventh board member is the Managing Director of Masthead Distribution Services. One of the key objectives of the Association Board is the development of a strong identity for the Association and for its members by building a unique brand. On behalf of members, the Association Board further negotiates with Masthead Distribution Services for services to be rendered by the Company to its Members. These services currently fall into three categories, namely Product Marketing, Business Development and Regulatory Compliance. The Association has formulated a Code of Conduct against which the conduct of its members is measured.