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 Masthead Financial Planning  

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Masthead launched Masthead Financial Planning on 1 October 2011

Masthead responded to the challenges that independent brokers face by launching Masthead Financial Planning.

Masthead Financial Planning is dedicated to helping financial advisors deal with the challenges and demands of the financial services environment. It provides an extensive range of services to ease the regulatory burden and provide support.

Masthead Financial Planning provides financial advisors with an alternative to running a business under their own licence and is also an attractive alternative to the tied offerings in the market.

It caters for brokers who are willing to operate under a single master licence. Masthead Financial Planning assumes the Key Individual responsibilities and enables brokers who want to, to "hand over" these responsibilities to someone else, and free themselves up to focus on the things they enjoy ... working with customers and implementing financial planning solutions.

Who should consider Masthead Financial Planning?  All brokers who would like to:

  • focus on their customers, but don't want the responsibilities of a KI or business owner and do not want to be part of a large corporate tied agency or broker force, and want
  • help in implementing a structured and assisted succession and retirement plan, thereby realising capital value.