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 Interested in buying or selling your practice?  


Masthead Valuations and Transitions specializes in valuations, sales, acquisitions and mergers of independent financial planning practices.

“One of Masthead’s core objectives is to help broker members build capital value within their practices,” said Ian Middleton, Masthead managing director. “In most instances, the capital value is realised only once a willing buyer purchases the business. Creating a facility to buy and sell is a natural progression toward turning this capital value into cash”

“ We believe the value of a broker’s business is determined by quantitative or financial elements, as well as qualitative factors such as business processes, systems and client transferability,” said Middleton. “Masthead is uniquely positioned to have a 360 degree view of a brokerage, so we can apply sound business principles and rigorous risk management to ascertain value.”

Masthead will identify areas for improvement within a target business, which gives the seller an opportunity to improve the marketability of the practice, and the buyer gets a detailed view of the business being bought. Masthead’s relationship with members means it is able to match buyers and sellers on a more personal level.