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FAIS Licensing & Profile Changes

Registering an FSP

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) requires that every Financial Services Provider (FSP) be registered with the FSCA before they may legally conduct business.

Masthead is accustomed to how the FSCA operates and is familiar with the processes it follows for FAIS licensing. We can therefore help make the process of applying for an FSP licence smoother and quicker.

Masthead can assist with your application for your FSP registration. Find out more below.

Applying for an FSP licence

Masthead assists clients through the entire process of applying for a FAIS licence (or more commonly referred to as an FSP licence). We have assisted with many FSP registrations so that FSPs can obtain their licence, including Category I, Category II, Category IIA, Category III and Category IV. Our compliance experts will assess the licence submission criteria, assist with the application forms, help compile the supporting documents and submit them to the FSCA on our clients’ behalf. It is also common practice for the FSCA to ask for additional information after the application has been submitted and we will provide hands-on assistance in dealing with the queries.

Need assistance with your FSP licence application?

What clients had to say about our FSP licence application service

“I started my journey with Masthead in 2019 with the application of my FSP licence. With their expertise, profound knowledge and support, the Masthead team made the process effortless and easy. From the start, Masthead has always made sure that we are up to date with policies and procedures and new regulations and regulatory changes. With Masthead’s assistance, I was able to grow in my role as a Key Individual. Without Masthead, my journey would not have been the same and I am very grateful.”

– Antoinette Eicker | Anew Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

“Thank you Masthead for your assistance, patience and support in the process of us obtaining our FAIS licence. We are grateful that you could help us start up a new business during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

– Clayton Samsodien | Phoenix Group 

Profiles changes to an existing FSP licence

A formal process needs to be followed when making profile changes to an existing FSP licence. Profile changes include changes to the FSP name, adding or removing of Key Individuals or Representatives. Masthead assists FSPs with completing the required documentation and handle any queries from the regulators.

Let us know if you need assistance with your FSP licence profile changes.

What do I need before I can apply for a Category I FSP licence?

Before you can apply for an FSP licence, there are certain FAIS requirements such as education and experience that must be met.

Download a checklist of documents required for an FSP licence application.


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