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OSTI Briefcase – Issue No.1 of 2017

- 20 April 2017

Replacement of the Policyholder Protection Rules (Short Term Insurance Act)

- 15 December 2017

OSTI Briefcase – Issue No. 4 of 2019

- 20 December 2019

Prudential Standards Explanatory Note

- 26 September 2017

Joint Communication 2 of 2018: Update on regulatory policy proposals mooted in the Third-party Cell Captive Insurance and Similar Arrangements Discussion Paper, 2013

- 4 July 2018

Penalty for failure to furnish Authority with returns etc. (Long-term Insurance Act)

- 26 February 2021

Board Notice 158 of 2015 – Fit and Proper Requirements under the Long-term and Short-Term Insurance Acts

- 14 August 2015

Revised Draft Replacement of the Policyholder Protection Rules (Long Term Insurance Act)

- 15 November 2017

FSRA Communication 1 of 2018: Update on the development of a format for the replacement advice record i.t.o Rule 19 of the Policyholder Protection Rules (Long-term Insurance)

- 6 December 2018

Ombudsman for short-term and long-term insurance Annual Report 2023

- 28 June 2024


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