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How to create an effective Operations Manual for your FSP


We will identify all policies and processes that FSPs need to document and include in their Operations Manual – there are more than 60.

We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the regulatory information that must be included in each policy and process.

We will explain the steps you need to follow and show you how to compile each document.

We will demonstrate how you can set up your policies and processes to deliver value to clients, ensure clients feel they are being treated fairly as well as improve your operational efficiency.

What will be covered:

Policies and processes that we will be working through during the session include:

  • All 17 policies, procedures and processes that make up the Governance Framework
  • 6 Human Resources
  • 5 Financial Planning (covering initial and review meetings)
  • 8 New Business Processes
  • 3 New Business (short term)
  • 8 Client Processes including claims, surveys, complaints, segmentation, etc.

And many more.

CPD hours:

  • FSPs, Key Individuals and Representatives will earn 7 CPD hours towards maintaining their competence requirements.
  • FPI members will be able to earn 2.5 CPD hours in the Ethics and Practice Standards category and 4.5 CPD hours in the Knowledge category.

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How will attendees benefit

  • You will be able to create a customised Operations Manual using the tools, templates and guidelines provided to you.
  • You will have a thorough understanding of the policies and processes that must be included in your Operations Manual.
  • You will have a good grasp of the regulatory requirements applicable to the Operations Manual.
  • By creating an Operations Manual, you will improve efficiencies, reduce risk in your business, improve staff morale and increase customer satisfaction.

Accredited by the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI)


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