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How will you ensure your CPD goals are met during the second half of the CPD Cycle?

Posted on 7 Dec 2021

At the beginning of the current CPD cycle, we shared some tips, questions and tools you can use at each stage of your CPD training process. As we approach the end of the year and the halfway mark of the current CPD cycle, it is important to use these next couple of weeks to check if you are on track with your CPD training and if not, to use this time to get back on course and prepare for the second half of the CPD cycle and the year ahead.

There are many CPD training courses and events available in the market. Sifting through all these courses, events and webinars takes time, and this, combined with keeping your CPD records up to date, can become an arduous task. However, it need not be. By making use of our CPD training resources on the Learning Centre, you will save yourself time, be able to easily plan for the last 6 months of the CPD cycle and ensure your CPD records are kept up to date.

Here is why you should use the Masthead Learning Centre to help you stay on track with your CPD training plan for the second half of the CPD cycle.

  • We are a recognised CPD Provider and our online learning activities and most of our webinars are verified and accredited by a Professional Body.
    This means you can be assured that once you complete our accredited training, you will be issued a certificate which displays the number of CPD hours you have earned.
  • You can choose from an array of online learning activities.
    We have a number of online learning activities that vary in format and duration, where you can earn from 0.5 CPD hours to 3.5 CPD hours. So, whether you are catching up or only need to earn a few more hours in the coming months, there is sure to be CPD content that will meet your requirements. With our online courses, you have the flexibility to complete these courses in your own time. Browse our online learning activities here.
  • You have access to a wide range of webinar topics that we host on a regular basis.
    Our topics range from FAIS related to FICA and POPI, to ensure you have a broad selection of topics that cover the regulatory landscape. View our upcoming webinars here.
  • Your training will automatically be logged in your online Competence Register.
    All CPD training completed via our platform will automatically be logged, and you can add other training and qualification records with the click of a button.
  • We ensure that new content is added regularly.
    We add new content on a weekly basis so you can keep up to date with the latest industry information and legislative changes while fulfilling your CPD requirements.
  • You can use the built-in CPD tracker to help monitor your progress.
    This feature allows you to set the number of CPD hours needed for the cycle. The CPD hours you earn are automatically tracked and you have a clear snapshot of your CPD progress every time you log in to the platform.
  • Our Online CPD Package is convenient and affordable.
    If you sign up for the package you won’t need to register and pay for individual courses as the package gives you access to all our online learning activities – and there are over 150 online learning activities to choose from. Find out more about the package here.

We know that complying with FAIS regulation amidst dealing with the many challenges the pandemic has presented for FSPs has made this year another particularly tough year. Despite this, careful management of your CPD hours is of paramount importance and can only be effectively done with planning and access to suitable resources.

Non-compliance with the CPD requirements can have serious consequences for Key Individuals, Representatives and FSPs therefore by setting a target and planning ahead you can ensure the smooth acquisition of CPD hours over last few months of the CPD cycle and avoid the scramble to meet the annual deadline date.

If you require any assistance with registering for training on the Learning Centre or would like to find out more about our CPD training options, get in touch with us or contact your nearest Masthead regional office. Click here for our office contact details.


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