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 Old Mutual  

Old Mutual is the largest financial services business in South Africa, and it offers a full range of products and services to South Africans from all walks of life.

For more than a century and a half, Old Mutual has played a vital development role in the South African community, encouraging many millions of South Africans to save for retirement, old age, disability and their future generations. In doing this, Old Mutual has fuelled the growth of this country and its people by creating a cycle of wealth, producing solid investment returns and bonuses for our customers and shareholders.

As the founder member of Masthead, Old Mutual fully supports a vibrant independent broker market as part of our conviction that the continued strength of the broker market is vital to our business as well as to consumers for whom freedom of choice remain critical.

Looking ahead, Masthead can count on us as a partner in exploring opportunities to build their success and develop simple solutions that continue to provide for the needs of customers.

At Old Mutual we believe that when consumers deal with Masthead brokers it is all about credibility – firstly, the fact that they offer independent advice, secondly, the fact that they have the necessary accreditation, because Masthead offers them compliance support and thirdly, that they have a basket of suitable financial solutions from which customers can choose, because Masthead have a due diligence process when selecting products.

Masthead has listened to the concerns of brokers who have struggled to maintain viable businesses in the face of regulatory change and are being challenged by increasing complexity in products and markets.

Masthead’s offer to brokers allows them to keep their independence, to adapt to new processes and technologies and to adhere to compliance regulation and obtain the necessary ‘fit & proper’ qualifications.