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Our vision is to be the leader in wealth creation and protection in South Africa, leading that process in the emerging markets and playing a niche role in the developed markets.

To be the leader in wealth creation, we are committed to becoming a diversified financial services organisation that is truly client-centric and solutions-orientated while maintaining our focus on operational efficiencies.

We grow value by being innovative, leading with courage, serving with pride, caring because we respect others and acting with integrity and accountability.

Masthead enables Sanlam to connect to clients and intermediaries in a structured way that turns our vision and values to actions. The future of independent advice is integrally linked to the sustained viability of the independent broker practice. Sanlam believes in investing, partnering and growing this segment of the advice market. Knowing where to turn when it comes to financial decisions is half the battle won. Trusting the financial advice you get is the other.

We believe through Masthead and its associated independent brokers we satisfy the above needs of our clients in a FAIS compliant manner.