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 Yield Capital  

Yieldcap is a FSP leader in the field of making a market for illiquid investments. Our core competency of 30 years collective experience revolves around traded endowment policies.

Yieldcap aims to bridge the gap between surrender and a fair market value.  We assess each investment and provide the IFA with a yes / no answer first time. We provide a FAIS solution for Financial Advisors.

Through Yieldcap, Masthead Member Brokers can provide their clients with an alternative to surrendering a policy, and in this way improve their service offering and client credibility as well as retention. 

Yieldcap will, through the Masthead Member Broker, provide the client with independent advice and immediate cash flow release on restricted investments where there was no liquidity available, while at the same time generating revenue for the Financial Advisor.

We also provide an alternative solution for non-tradable policies, by restructuring the same policy. Our total concept is for clients to maximize their return and limit the downside. As a last resort, we are able to assist with the administration process of surrendering without delay. The above services are fee based.