Celebrating 15 Years


In October, exactly 15 years ago, Masthead opened its doors for business, and we could not be prouder to have supported more than 4500 FSPs with their compliance and risk management in this time.

Brief History

Masthead was launched in 2004 – on the eve of the implementation of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act. Our main aim was, and still is, to support independent financial advisors (IFAs) and help them retain their independence and thrive. Our membership quickly grew, as did our reputation in the industry as the advisor’s advisor. Today we a leading compliance services provider to financial services providers (FSPs) in South Africa and we cherish our excellent relationships with all the major stakeholders in the financial services industry. Drawing on our wealth of experience, we extended our offering to corporate FSPs in 2012. We now count among our clients some of the leading FSPs in South Africa, as well as financial services businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

Message from our Managing Director

Ian Middleton, Managing Director, had this to say on the inception of Masthead and reaching our 15- year milestone:

“As we set sail that day it was a journey largely into the unknown and we could not have foreseen the number of storms or the strength of them, or even the calm waters that we would face. But, today we can say that we have come through the storms and we’ve negotiated the calm waters. I believe we have done that by being able to anticipate and adapt to change. We have constantly reviewed where we are and whether we are on the right course – at times we’ve even changed our route. 

In our business we try to distinguish between cycles and trends. Cycles are things that change on a temporary basis before they return to their previous state. In weather terminology, we see summer coming and we know that in several months’ time, winter will be on our doorstep again. So, we make the best of the good weather while it lasts. Trends, however, are more permanent. Technology shifts have changed the way we do business – cellphones are not just cellphones anymore, there are self-driving cars, and in our financial services world, regulation has and will continue to change the way we do business. Regulation is here to stay and we will never go back to a world without regulation.

At Masthead we have always sought to anticipate change so that we can help our clients prepare for that change. Our objective is to help them deal with tomorrow’s trends, not yesterday’s cycles. For this reason, we are constantly trying to assess what we and they need to do to remain relevant. It’s only in this way that we can continue to help our broker members and our clients respond to market forces.

As we look to the next 15 years, I’d like to express my appreciation to you for your continued and loyal support of Masthead.”

Wishes from our clients

“Congrats on Masthead’s 15 years! Thank you for your very important role in our practice, it is much appreciated.”

“I can remember the first launch in Sandton in 2004. We became members on that day and have not regretted our decision for a single moment in the past 15 years. …we are sure to be members for 15 more.”

“Well wishes to your management team and keep going and doing what you know best, that is representing your members”

“Met Masthead se hulp kon ek altyd leiding kry. Voorwaar ‘n groep om op trots te wees”

“…Masthead has played a huge role in my business. If it was not for Masthead, I do not know if we would’ve been able to stay on top of all the regulatory changes and stay complaint.”

“Julle is vir ons ‘n groot steunpilaar in ons besigheid en ons sal werklik nie die suksesse kon bereik sonder jul ondersteuning en waardevolle insette in ons besigheid nie.”

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A national supplier of risk management services to independent financial advisors and other licensed financial service providers (FSPs). Established in 2004, we help our clients overcome their risk management challenges so they can grow and thrive in an increasingly regulated industry. Providing professional guidance and practical support, our team of specialists is passionately committed to delivering tangible solutions.

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