Continuous Professional Developement

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) will soon become a regulatory requirement. While the details of CPD are not yet finalised, the industry should prepare itself for the introduction thereof in 2018.

Masthead offers both Seminars and Online Courses where you can earn CPD hours. You can easily keep track of your CPD hours as a record is automatically kept of the number of CPD hours earned when attending our seminars or completing our online courses.

Click on the links below to read more about our seminars and online courses.

RE 1 and RE 5 Exam Training
Regulatory Update – Know the Impact
Requirements and the Impact of FICA on Accountable Institutions
Estate Planning: Learn Practical Skills for You to Apply in Your Business
Exceptional Assistant – Improve Efficiencies to Increase Profits

Online Learning Courses
Cybercrime Online Course
POPI Online Course
RE 1 Mock Exam
RE 5 Mock Exam
UPDATED FICA Online Course
Ethics and Corporate Governance Online Course


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