Short term fees – How to get clients to pay for the work you do

Seminar Information

During this seminar we will spend time explaining the services that are defined as “advice” and for which you are allowed to charge your clients a fee. You will continue to earn commission from Product Providers for intermediary services.

We will show you how to structure a Fee Agreement that:

  • sets out the advice services you provide, with the option for clients to select the advice services they are willing to pay for.
  • articulates the value your client experiences from each activity undertaken by your business in order to provide suitable advice and recommend an appropriate product for their particular needs and circumstances.
  • cost these services in order for you to get to grips with the actual cost of providing advice which can also be used during discussions with clients, should they need to understand what they are paying for.
  • provides Product Providers with the required authorisation to facilitate the payment of this fee.

This Fee Agreement will be an outcome of an exercise completed where the FSP / Key Individual has isolated services and activities relating to delivering Advice, as opposed to services and activities relating to Intermediary Services.

The services isolated for the delivery of Advice includes a description of  the value the client experiences from this service, and how it is relevant to the fee being charged.

Ultimately, this seminar helps you to cost the relevant advice services, that  is easy to discuss with clients and contributes to the business goals and the long-term sustainability of the business.

Cost for members: R 425,00 (incl VAT)
Cost for non-members: 
R 850,00 (incl VAT)

Who should attend

FSPs, Key Individuals and Representatives who market short-term insurance products.

How will attendees benefit

Attend this seminar and walk away with a Service Level Agreement that is based on a clearly-defined set of advice services, that demonstrates value to clients and for which they will be willing to pay.


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