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Compliance and risk management solutions

for corporate clients


We offer corporate clients a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions so they can improve control of their compliance responsibilities and get better insights into the operational risks and growth opportunities within the business.

In today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment, many companies struggle to effectively manage their exposure to regulatory risks. Failure to comply with the growing and ever-changing regulatory requirements can have serious financial implications and do considerable reputational damage. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory environment with more than a decade of experience and insight into the world of financial advice.

Our risk management solution includes compliance, practice management and business intelligence services.

We offer a compliance monitoring service which makes it easier for big businesses to keep track of the compliance activities of their representatives. Our national footprint enables us to reach every location within our country and our sophisticated software allows us to combine the individual monitoring reports of each representative and provide consolidated feedback and analysis.

Practice management for corporates aims to assist branches (including consultants), franchises and representatives adopt best business practice. This drives better efficiencies and builds value.

We know that independent financial advisors (IFAs) are an important route to market for product providers. Through our business intelligence offering, product providers can stay up-to-date with the latest research on the IFA market such as demographics, product provider preferences, online and print media preferences and more.

Please contact us to find out how our risk management solution can make a positive impact in your business.


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Decoding COFI: Navigating the new licensing landscape

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Decoding COFI: Giving teeth to TCF

Posted on 16 February 2024

In the first article of our COFI series, we explore how the upcoming legislation aims to bolster Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) within the financial services sector. Although still in its second draft, the COFI Bill is unlikely to change its approach to TCF, and this allows ...

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FSCA INS Notice 3 of 2024: Exemption of Microinsurers from rule 2a.6.1 of the policyholder protection rules (long-term insurance), 2017

FSCA Notices - 4 March 2024

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A national supplier of risk management services to independent financial advisors and other licensed financial service providers (FSPs). Established in 2004, we help our clients overcome their risk management challenges so they can grow and thrive in an increasingly regulated industry. Providing professional guidance and practical support, our team of specialists is passionately committed to delivering tangible solutions.

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