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POPI Implementation


If your business needs support and guidance in the steps you need to take, or policies and processes you need to implement to become POPI Act complaint, we can assist with full POPI Implementation. If you prefer to do your own implementation, our DIY POPI Compliance Toolkit will help you on your journey to POPI compliance. Read more below.

Full POPI Implementation solution

We know that taking time away from your business and clients is not always feasible. We will provide a personalised, hands-on implementation service tailored to your business’ needs as we understand that each business differs in size, structure, processes, and service offering.

Masthead has a team of compliance experts who come with regulatory experience and knowledge, who will guide and assist you from inception to completion to ensure that POPI is customised and fully implemented in your business. 

How we can assist you with implementation: 

  • Consult with you and work through a detailed Gap Analysis consisting of 49 activities to establish where the gaps are in your business and what you will need to work on to achieve effective Data Privacy Management and POPI Act compliance.
  • Jointly create and agree on a roadmap with delivery dates to tackle the gaps identified – this roadmap will set out the activities the business wishes to implement themselves and those they would like us to implement.
  • Formulate suitable, tailor-made solutions for your business.
  • Together, implement the required documentation and processes so that Data Privacy Management and POPI Act compliance is effectively embedded across your business.
  • During the entire process a project plan with regular updates to track and measure progress will be provided.

Data privacy management and protection of personal information in your business are complex and far reaching, let our compliance experts work with you to become POPI Act compliant.

Contact us for POPI implementation assistance.

Tip: Combine this solution with our POPI awareness training options. Find out more about our training options.

DIY POPI Compliance Toolkit

Our DIY POPI Compliance Toolkit is a cost-effective way to systematically work through your POPI requirements.  It will guide you on your implementation journey and is designed for anyone wanting to do their own POPI implementation but needing a step by step guideline on what to do and how to do it.

For those who have already started implementing POPI Act requirements and are feeling unsure about whether you meet all the requirements, our DIY toolkit will help you to identify the key aspects you need to address to implement effective Data Privacy Management and as a result, become POPI Act compliant.

The DIY toolkit is suitable for all businesses.  We have spent many hours unpacking and analysing each requirement, so you don’t have to.  Save yourself time by using the prepared Guideline which provides a step by step process, including tools – such as templates and reference tools and adapt it to your specific business.

Client testimonial

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Masthead on their POPI toolkit. This was most useful and user-friendly and made my life very easy.”

Key features include: 

  • A Status Quo Needs Analysis Questionnaire – use this questionnaire to assess your business’ current POPI Act compliance status – what is the current level of understanding, what plans are in place and what resources are needed to effectively implement effective Data Privacy Management and the POPI Act requirements.
  • An overview of the POPI Act, implications and opportunities for your business – a handy document of slides with slide notes and references to use with staff to establish awareness about the POPI Act and Data Privacy Management.
  • A POPI Act Compliance Framework Activity Checklist that lists 49 activities required to become POPI compliant. We have unpacked the entire POPI Act, page-by-page to create an extensive checklist that will enable micro, small and medium sized businesses to assess their current compliance status for each activity, decide on a start date, identify the responsible person, add action notes and a planned completion date.
  • We provide detailed guidelines on how to implement each of the 49 activities:
    • For 26 activities we provide explanatory notes with steps that the business should follow to develop or adapt their existing policies.
    • For 9 activities we provide explanatory notes with steps and 3 editable templates which cover all 9 activities, that can be customised to your business.
    • For 14 activities we provide explanatory notes with steps and 6 reference guidelines which cover all 14 activities, that explain how to go about implementing these activities.
  • 30 days access to our POPI Online Course. This online course will provide awareness training about the requirements of the POPI Act. It is interactive and will familiarise you with the contents of the POPI Act, ensuring that you are well-informed about how it may affect you, and what is required to be compliant with the Act.

The resources included in our toolkit will equip you with everything needed to help you on your journey to POPI compliance.

Cost: R2,300.00 (incl. VAT)

The toolkit requires that you have a good understanding of the POPI Act requirements and its terminology. We suggest you attend our webinar “Everything You Need to Know and Do to Be POPI Compliant” before using the toolkit and implementing POPI on your own.

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