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POPI Training

It is crucial for every individual that processes personal information in a business, to be aware and understand the requirements of POPIA.

If you need to familiarise yourself with POPI and what is required to become compliant, or if you are an Information Officer looking to raise awareness amongst your staff on the importance of POPI compliance and the consequences of non-compliance, we can assist by providing POPI training.

POPI Training: Webinar and Online Course

Our webinar and online course provide useful guidance and implementation tools to equip you and all your key staff to identify the duties and responsibilities required to be POPI compliant, develop an understanding of best practices for processing personal information, and protecting people’s right to privacy.

FREE POPI Checklist – after attending the webinar you will receive a POPI Checklist of the 49 activities required to become POPI compliant. A handy tool to use in your business to establish where your gaps are.


Everything you need to know and do to be POPI Compliant 

This webinar provides you with an overview of the POPI Act, the impact it will have on various areas and key people in the business, and clear steps on how to become POPI compliant. This webinar also covers the purpose of the Act, the importance of compliance and the consequences of non-compliance.

Earn 3 CPD hours


POPI Online Course

Our POPI Online Course will guide you in becoming POPI compliant by providing comprehensive online POPI Training.

The course covers the introduction to POPI; access to information; collection of information; using personal information; storage of information and compliance with POPI.

Earn 2.5 CPD hours

Are you an Information Officer or Deputy Information Officer?

Join our webinar: POPI – Your Risks and Responsibilities as an Information Officer

You will gain a good understanding of the duties and responsibilities, as well as the risks and liabilities of Information Officers and Deputy Information Officers.

During this webinar we will focus on the practical application of the duties of Information Officers and Deputy Information Officers as set out in the Guidance Note issued by the Information Regulator on 1 April 2021. We will explain who the Information Officer is and what their duties are, explain who the Deputy Information Officer(s) are and what the requirements are to fulfil this position, walk you through the Information Regulator’s website and share the templates, procedure and mechanisms to register Information Officers and Deputy Information Officers; and much more.

Earn 1 CPD hour Join an Information Officer webinar

Make these training activities part of your internal POPI awareness sessions

Information Officers must ensure that internal POPI awareness sessions are conducted in the business. By incorporating our POPI training as part of your internal awareness sessions you will ensure that your staff are up to date with the provisions of the POPI Act, regulations, codes of conduct and the importance of POPI compliance.

Interested in POPI Training specifically for your business?
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We also assist with POPI Implementation and Monitoring

We offer hands-on assistance with implementation of POPI throughout your business so that you can be fully compliant. We also offer ongoing POPI compliance monitoring for businesses. Learn more about how we can assist you with POPI implementation and POPI monitoring.

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