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Advisory: FATF Public Statement on jurisdictions under increased monitoring – Feb 2020

FIC - 2 March 2020

Advisory: FATF Public Statement on high-risk jurisdictions that are subject to a call for action – Feb 2020

FIC - 2 March 2020

Public Compliance Communication (PCC 42): Supervisory Body access to suspicious and unusual Transactions Reports

FIC - 28 February 2020

Public Compliance Communication (PCC 43): Customer Due Diligence in relation to shared clients of accountable institutions

FIC - 27 February 2020

DRAFT PCC 109: Guidance on the commencement and enforcement of the FIC Act as amended

FIC - 27 February 2020

DRAFT PCC 107: On Directive 5 of 2019 in relation to the usage of Automated Transaction Monitoring Systems

FIC - 31 January 2020

Public Compliance Communication (PCC 41): Guidance on Combating the Financing of Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering Measures relating to Non-Profit Organisations

FIC - 20 December 2019

DRAFT Public Compliance Communication (PCC 104): Guidance on the Application of Targeted Financial Sanctions Regimes within South Africa

FIC - 19 December 2019

DRAFT Public Compliance Communication (PCC 102): Supervisory Body access to Suspicious and Unusual Transaction Reports

FIC - 19 December 2019

FIC Case Studies and Indicators Collection

FIC - 30 October 2019


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